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    Learn what you must do next.

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    NFA Gun Trusts

    Protect your valuable property. Learn how you can legally own and possess NFA weapons.

Dedicated To Individual Rights

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Criminal Defense

If you've been arrested or given a notice to appear, know what comes next.

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Constitutional Law

Protecting your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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2nd Amendment

Gun Trusts, Firearm Offenses. Get the knowledge you need to enjoy your rights.

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Frank\'s Legal Blog

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NFA Gun Trusts

There are many advantages to putting your firearms in a specialized trust created for that …

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Driving Under the Influen...

DUI cases have serious consequences. If convicted, you could get jail time, supervised probation, …

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Domestic Violence Gun Ban...

It may be well-known that felons are prohibited from possessing firearms, but a lesser-known law …

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The Cost of Incarceration

According to Florida law, if you are convicted of (or pled guilty or no contest …