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Criminal Law

“I’ve Just Been Arrested!”

Have you been arrested? Maybe the officer gave you a notice to appear instead? Whichever it is, it means you’re in trouble. You may have done nothing wrong, but the State has chosen to prosecute you. So what happens next? You have a first court date set, and that is called your Arraignment. Most likely, the room will be full of people and you could wait for hours until your case is called. Once they call your case, you’ll go stand before the Judge and he or she will ask you whether you plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you plead guilty, you could be adjudicated guilty and sentenced right then and there. Depending on the crime charged and the circumstances involved, the sentence might be monetary fines, probation, county jail, state prison, or some combination of those. If you plead not guilty, the Judge will give you another court date and put you on track for a Jury Trial. A lawyer is extremely valuable in this situation. A lawyer can defend your case from the very beginning, and even appear at your court dates for you, so you can go about your life. Call me – set an appointment. I want to hear your side of the story. Pleading guilty could result in consequences that last for many years, or even your entire life. Don’t plead guilty before speaking to me. My goal is to get your case dismissed. The cost of hiring a lawyer is small compared to the court fees, fines, probation fees, cost of incarceration, and the lifelong costs of having a criminal record.

I handle many types of cases, so call and make an appointment.


Driving While License Suspended

Driving with No Driver’s License




Possession of Marijuana


Violation of Probation

And Others

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